DJ Mix by Ken Wallace’s very own Ken Wallace dropped a nice little DJ mix on me yesterday. Got a chance to check it out today, and I dug it. KayDub’s got mad DT mixing skillz yo! Its an older mix, circa 2001 I believe. Nice little intro, darker tracks, a little electronic, a little hip-hoppy, all dope tracks. I’ll be posting it to the site soon so y’all can check it out. Nice mix Ken!

7 thoughts on “DJ Mix by Ken Wallace

  1. If its that Darkside mix, that was live at Groovetech during a party, people in the booth and stuff so some of the mixes are rushed/ shit.

  2. great mix Ken (dakrside), great skillz and selection, been listening it for quite a while, thumbs up!

    you guys heard of Bobby Corridor?? gotta chase his mixes, they are the bomb!

  3. Track Darkside is straight up rubbish till the 50 minute mark.
    However, if you consider the first two thirds of Darkside to be just
    a long ass intro, the track is otherwise well done (with some exceptions).
    I’m not primarily a downtempo kinda guy, so maybe that’s
    why it gets waaaay too random at places.

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