a thought about the Mailing list archives

I got to thinking — we have a vibrant mailing list here at downtempo.chron, complete with archives that go back to July 2003. I can’t tell you how many great new artists I got turned on to by that very same list, why not share it with the world.

But before I do that, I thought it would be worth asking *you* the mailing list (and web) community if you thought that *we* should open those archives up for public perusal.

What do you think? send us some feedback by way of comments

7 thoughts on “a thought about the Mailing list archives

  1. I’m cool with it except I’ve included my email in .sigs in a number of messages, comfortable with doing that in the cozy protected environment of the subscriber den. If those could be scrubbed out and the same thing for the header/sender info, I’d be fine with it. Otherwise, those addresses will be scraped and made spambait in no time flat, it would seem

  2. Chauncey:

    As you currently are a member of the list, you can view what the archives will look like. Just go here, login w/your username/password, and check ’em out.

    The posts should be fairly well scrubbed already, and I most certainly understand your concerns about getting more spam, something I definitely don’t want to have happened.

    If things look ok to you let me know, and if they don’t I’ll see if I can work with tech support to get things further scrubbed.

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