Upcoming live broadcast 2/3/2010 8pm – 10pm PST!

This coming Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 from 8pm – 10pm PST, I’ll be covering for HipGnosis (http://hipgnosis.us/) and his regular broadcast slot on Glitch.FM (http://glitch.fm).

I’ll be broadcasting live from Downtempo Studios by way of the this streaming link: Glitch.FM stream. I’ll also be hanging out in the glitch.FM IRC channel (http://glitch.fm/irc), so drop by!

Regular DJ gigs Third Thursday, Fourth Fridays

Hey there downtempo fans!

I’ve now got two one regular dj gig, would love to have you stop by and say hi!

Third Thursdays at the Tiger Lounge (http://www.tigerloungeagogo.com/)
412 Orcas Street
(between S 4th Ave & S 5th Ave)
Seattle, WA 98108
9pm – 12am

Third Thursday gig on hold until spring time, stay tuned!

Fourth Saturdays at Jelly Bar at Long Provincial Restaurant (http://longprovincial.com/)
1901 Second Avenue
(2nd and Stewart)
Seattle, WA 98101
11pm – 2am

At both of these gigs, I’ll be playing the very best in downtempo, IDM, chill, eclectic and just plain awesome music for your brains..

DJ Mix – Don O’Neill live @Tiger Lounge 8/27/2009

I dj’d a gig at Tiger Lounge (www.tigerloungeagogo.com) in Georgetown on 8/27/2009. It features a lot of Saru’s new album The Pearl (not yet released – www.downtempodojo.com).

It was a great night, there was fire performances, including flaming broadswords! This was my first laptop DJ set, so I didn’t really beat match, most of the mixes are fades or quick cuts. When I get a better controller interface, I’ll beat match like I do when I’m playing vinyl. Hope you enjoy it!

Hope you enjoy it!

.mp3 can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/lqe7rc

Here is the tracklist:

Boozoo Bajou – Tonschraube
Neutrino – Poetic Silence
Gak sato – Penetrare
Howie B – Here Comes the Tooth
King Kooba – California Suite
7and5 – Forward Way Back
Saru – Slippery Hope
Four Tet – Parks
Tommy Hools – Les Reprouves
Spacebats – Clarky Cat
DJ Cam – Free Your Turntable And Your Scratch Will Follow
Saru – Transitions
DJ Cam – Gangsta Shit
Neutrino – Syupaman
In Credo – The Lovers Theme
Hairy Diamond – Givin Up
Dj Food – Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ Mix)
Phi Life Cypher – Ghetto Rebels
Dj Plus One – In Control Vol 3
Global Go on – My Name Is Johnny Hawk
Ade Soma and Gruff – Taa Fun Aiye
Neutrino – D-planets
Saru – Strange Puppet
Neutrino – Moo-d
The Dove – Terranova Remix
Neutrino – Brand New Old Land
Neutrino – Rock Oil
DJ Cam – The Return Of The Jedi
Howie B – On the Way
Saru – Distant Recollections
Dreamscape – Electric Emotion
King Kooba – Koobesq
Cornu – Youpi
Pilote – Turtle (Bonobo Remix)
DJ Cam – Suckers Never Play That
King Kooba – Pugwash Beats
Howie B – On the Way
Royksopp – Eple
King Kooba – Bonaphyde
Saru – La Perla
Tso – Alexa

Kick ass Seattle live ambient set

I recently ran across a kick-ass live ambient set created by a Seattle local who goes by the name Gel-Sol. I’ve obtained his permission to repost it here, and thought I’d share it with y’all.

Find it here (right click, save-as)

01. IZ
02. Your Day in the Sun
03. As Far As I Can See
04. Caldera
05. Montauk
06. Martian Industries
07. Orca
08. Expo
09. Propulsion

Find out more about Gel-Sol at his website: http://www.gel-sol.com