My latest remix is now up on Soundcloud..

As some of you may know, I’ve recently started to explore music production using Ableton live. As you can probably imagine, my style is best described as, well – downtempo!

I’ve been getting heavily into psychill lately, and I’m certain that has influenced my remix 🙂

Here it is, for your enjoyment!

My remix: Roboclip – Prayin’ (sntxrr’s stairway remix) WIP

The original: Roboclip – Prayin’

Its not 100% complete yet, have a few things I’ll probably tweak, and then its off to mastering.


p.s. yes, sntxrr is my production moniker. Look for an official sntxrr brand soon!

Upcoming live broadcast 2/3/2010 8pm – 10pm PST!

This coming Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 from 8pm – 10pm PST, I’ll be covering for HipGnosis ( and his regular broadcast slot on Glitch.FM (

I’ll be broadcasting live from Downtempo Studios by way of the this streaming link: Glitch.FM stream. I’ll also be hanging out in the glitch.FM IRC channel (, so drop by!

Studio move

I’ve moved my studio space into my new domicile and I’m remembering just how much I enjoy having turntables. I’ve had a few dj mixes floating around in my head for a while, probably about time I kick ’em out so I can begin formulating some new ones. After all, if I’m going to start up a dj night again, I’d better get my ass practicing.