Studio move

I’ve moved my studio space into my new domicile and I’m remembering just how much I enjoy having turntables. I’ve had a few dj mixes floating around in my head for a while, probably about time I kick ’em out so I can begin formulating some new ones. After all, if I’m going to start up a dj night again, I’d better get my ass practicing.

Another fine DJ Mix

Ran across this one by DJ Brackenfern by way of a mailing list I’m on. I’ve been given permission to repost it here (right click, save-as). I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, its a bit older, but its really well mixed and programmed.

FYI, if your in Seattle, DJ Brackenfern will be playing soon:

Friday, May 18th, Levitation Device and Dubalicious presents:

West Bay Recordings::Los Angeles

11pm-12pm — SUN TZU SOUND
City Soul::Seattle

10pm-11pm — DOC SCHMIKYL

9pm-10pm — BRACKENFERN

21+::private event::limited advance tickets


Kick ass Seattle live ambient set

I recently ran across a kick-ass live ambient set created by a Seattle local who goes by the name Gel-Sol. I’ve obtained his permission to repost it here, and thought I’d share it with y’all.

Find it here (right click, save-as)

01. IZ
02. Your Day in the Sun
03. As Far As I Can See
04. Caldera
05. Montauk
06. Martian Industries
07. Orca
08. Expo
09. Propulsion

Find out more about Gel-Sol at his website:

a thought about the Mailing list archives

I got to thinking — we have a vibrant mailing list here at downtempo.chron, complete with archives that go back to July 2003. I can’t tell you how many great new artists I got turned on to by that very same list, why not share it with the world.

But before I do that, I thought it would be worth asking *you* the mailing list (and web) community if you thought that *we* should open those archives up for public perusal.

What do you think? send us some feedback by way of comments

DJ Mix by Ken Wallace’s very own Ken Wallace dropped a nice little DJ mix on me yesterday. Got a chance to check it out today, and I dug it. KayDub’s got mad DT mixing skillz yo! Its an older mix, circa 2001 I believe. Nice little intro, darker tracks, a little electronic, a little hip-hoppy, all dope tracks. I’ll be posting it to the site soon so y’all can check it out. Nice mix Ken!